2020 Monuments & Canyons Artist: Eileen Guernsey Brown


Eileen Guernsey Brown grew up in Southern California, moved to Utah in 1976 to attend the University of Utah, resulting in careers in graphic design and teaching. Married with two adult children, Eileen and her family have always enjoyed exploring deserts, mountains and rivers in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. Today, Eileen enjoys being a fulltime artist and plein air painter. She has received many awards from plein air events in the West that she participates in each year. Her work can be found in several galleries in Utah, or at her studio in Salt Lake City.

Eileen finds inspiration as well as comfort in nature, and is grateful to be able to combine her passion for oil painting with her love of being outdoors. Her goal is to capture the emotional feel of the landscape through good design, color, and expressive brushwork. Observing nature to see what it says, and trusting her intuition to interpret it, keeps her work fresh.

“When you’re outdoors, one feels the immediacy of getting impressions down quickly, and not make changes once that brushstroke is down. I find painting outdoors is the best teacher, the best place to be in the “here and now,” and provides the perfect opportunity to lose oneself in the creative process.