2020 Monuments & Canyons Artist: Ken Requard


Ken Requard started drawing as a child. He had an aunt, an amateur painter, who became his mentor. As a youth, he painted landscapes in oil. He also loved architecture. He studied mechanical and architectural drawing in High School. In 1984, he began painting in watercolor. He studied with multiple nationally known artists. In his second year of painting, he had his first work accepted in the local watercolor society show and the following year won “Best of Show”. Within five years, he achieved signature status with the Northwest Watercolor Society. His initial interest was in landscapes, especially architectural subjects. He also created florals including works with abstract elements. He also specialized in painting bicycle racers. His work was most notable for strong design and value pattern with interesting color schemes. Almost all of his work featured a strong light/shadow pattern. One reviewer commented that “the sun never sets in his world.” Ken showed his work in outdoor art shows and regional galleries. After years of watercolor painting, Ken expanded his skills in pastel painting. In 2005, he made the transition to oil painting and then to outdoor painting.