2020 Monuments & Canyons Artist: Marko Marino


Marko is a 2D representational artist who works in a variety of mediums; his primary medium is oil. He creates dynamic compositions in contemporary style utilizing a vivid visual memory combined with a strong sense of design. There is an honest sense of place and time expressed in the subjects that Marko Marino portrays. He uses palette knife with a deft looseness that belies its precision.

Style: As a painter of real life (realism), I draw my visual inspirations from nature, colored through my emotion. My Impressionist style is a natural evolution that is versatile in its level of detail and its devotion to true color. I paint because I am enraptured by the elegant dance of form and light. There is an experiential sense of place in my landscape works and a real life quality to my animal and portrait works.

Process: I employ the contrast of fuzzy brushwork against edgy knife work in order to imply detail without overstating it. I use palette knife liberally to apply broad areas of paint as well as to define sharp edges. I use different tools to facilitate my painting and varying shapes and detail to direct viewer attention. Limiting the image to the crucial elements is the underlying challenge. 

Philosophy: Ultimately, a powerfully perceived impression is what translates to a strong painting. I It is not what you see in the viewfinder that matters. My art is important because I seek to convey just how amazing it is for me to be human.