2020 Monuments & Canyons Artist: Tony Hilscher


My dedication as a painter, as someone who needs to translate the real world into a visual poem is a life-long journey. My goal is to express an emotional response; to capture the essence and mood of the natural world through the language of painting. To me, painting is not a literal representation of nature but a personal impression conveyed through the foundations of composition, value relationships,
color harmony, edges and brushwork. These elements are what gives my work credibility.

Plein air painting is the perfect marriage between art and the outdoors. It's nature's classroom where the concepts of light and it's ever changing eect on the visual world can be studied and observed. Because of the changing conditions of the outdoors, it forces me to concentrate on the essentials of the scene without unnecessary details. I have always had a deep appreciation for nature and it’s beauty. It is a privilege to express that connection with paint and brushes. “I am inspired by the late afternoon sunlight on the treetops along the water's edge or the rugged snow covered mountains of the West. If I can convey this emotional response to the viewer and elevate their value for the natural world around us with a sense of truth, I have done my job.”