Colorado National Monument Association 2022 Calendar Call to Fine Artists!

Once again the Colorado National Monument Association will be releasing two versions of its popular calendar depicting the scenic beauty of Colorado National Monument.  Artwork will be selected for the following spots: 1. cover; 2. month featured images; 3. monthly grid images (smaller, up to three per page).

Deadline (EXTENDED): March 22nd,  2021

Notification of acceptance: April 5th, 2021 

Accepted Mediums for Art Calendar Edition:

Watercolor/Gouache, Oil/Acrylic, Collage, Pastel/Oil Pastel, Multimedia

*No digital art or photography accepted for the Art Calendar.

*Please submit work that has been completed within the last year.

Please click the Links Below for Submission Instructions:




2021 COLM Calendar Contest Results!

Photo Calendar:

Cover- Amy Hudechek - Early Morning View

Inset 1(Grid)- Nancy Dobson - Watching the Storms Roll Through

Inset 2(Grid)- Steven Miller - Monument Canyon

January- Dean Crandall - Independence Monument in Early Morning Dense Fog

February- Willard Gillam - Ram in No Thoroughfare Canyon

March- Amy Hudechek - Monument Rainbow

April- Walt Fite - No Thoroughfare Rim

May- Chris Mroz - Claret Cup Cactus

June- Bob Peterson - Hairpins

July- Jacob Miller - Prickly Pear Cactus

August- Richard Janson - Toothy Grin

September- Carl J. Koizumi - Bighorn Ram

October- Steve Hanson - Autumn View

November- Darlyne Merkel - Book Cliffs View at Sunset

December- Dale Rostad - Overlooking Kissing Couple


Rick Ahern

James T. Alsop

Angela Classen

Dean Crandall

Nancy Dobson

Charlie Eagler

Bob Elliott

Walt Fite

Willard Gillam

Greg Gnesios

Shane Henry

Richard Janson

Beverly Kingsley

Carl J. Koizumi

Darlyne Merkel

Steven Miller

Judy Morehouse

Chris Mroz

Vera Mulder

Bob Peterson

Ken Pill

Dale Rostad

Mickey Shanabarger

John Truzinski

Debbie Tubridy

Jamie Zartman

Art Calendar:

Cover- Mick McGinty - Colorado Monument View - oil

Inset 1(Grid)- Dan Logé - Monument Sandstone - oil

Inset 2(Grid)- Kari Ganoung-Ruiz - Island in the Sun - oil

January- Monica Esposito - Snow on the Monument - oil

February- Rachel Pettit - Early Snow on the Monument - oil

March- Mick McGinty - How Green is my Valley - oil

April- Nancy Dobson - Canyon Hike - fabric

May- Kadin Goldberg - Sunset - oil

June- Scott Ruthven - Another Beautiful Morning - oil

July- Melanie Thompson - A Clear Morning - oil

August- J. Brad Holt - Colorado Monument Series VI Nocturne - oil

September- Dan Logé - Desert Bighorn Rams - oil

October- Maggie Cook - Extravaganza - pastel

November- Susie Hyer - Near and Far - oil

December- George Callison - Cold Shivers - oil


Jody Ahrens

Maggie Cook

Nancy Dobson

Monica Esposito

Guido Frick

Kari Ganoung-Ruiz

Katie Hill

J. Brad Holt

Susie Hyer

Kathleen Lanzoni

Dan Logé

Mick McGinty

Rachel Pettit

Scott Ruthven

Lily Shanabarger

Susan Thiele

Congratulations to all the selected photographers and artists, and thank you to all who submitted!