Call for Submissions now CLOSED for 2021 Photo and Art Calendars

Please click on either button below for entry forms for the 2021 Colorado National Monument Calendar Contest.  All submissions must be mailed to the address on the entry form. Entries must be on a CD-Rom or flash drive and mailed with entry form. 10 images may be entered per artist/photographer. Deadline to submit is March 2nd, 2020.  UPDATE: Notifications of selected photographers and artists will be sent out by March 30th, 2020.

2020 Colorado National Monument Calendar Contest Results are in!!

2020 Photo Calendar Selected Photographers:

Cover: Judy Morehouse

Insets Inside Front Cover:

  1. Angela Classen
  2. Robert Pratt
  3. Steve Hanson

January: James T. Alsop

Jan Grid 1: Bob Elliott

Jan Grid 2: James Adams

Jan Grid 3: James Adams

February: Darlyne Merkel

Feb Grid 1: Jamie Zartman

Feb Grid 2: Judy Ronzio

Feb Grid 3: Steve Hanson

March: Angela Classen

March Grid 1: Bill Gillam

March Grid 2: Jim Cook

March Grid 3: Rick Ahern

April: Debbie Tubridy

April Grid 1: Darlyne Merkel

April Grid 2: Gregory Gnesios

April Grid 3: Roberta Hettinger

May: James Adams

May Grid 1: Raymond Smith

May Grid 2: Rick Ahern

May Grid 3: Vera Mulder

June: Gregory Gnesios

June Grid 1: Angela Classen

June Grid 2: Judy Morehouse

June Grid 3: Susan Justice

July: John Anglim

July Grid 1: Amy Hudechek

July Grid 2: Raymond Smith

July Grid 3: Steve Hanson

August: James Adams

Aug Grid 1: Angela Classen

Aug Grid 2: Janet Hassell

Aug Grid 3: Jim Cook

September: Bill Gillam

Sept Grid 1: Debbie Tubridy

Sept Grid 2: Jamie Zartman

Sept Grid 3: Rick Ahern

October: Dale M. Rostad

Oct Grid 1: Beverly Kingsley

Oct Grid 2: Darlyne Merkel

Oct Grid 3: Rick Ahern

November: Gregory Gnesios

Nov Grid 1: Debbie Tubridy

Nov Grid 2: Robert Pratt

Nov Grid 3: Steven Miller

December: Amy Hudecheck

Dec Grid 1: Dale M Rostad

Dec Grid 2: Richard A Janson

Dec Grid 3: Roberta Hettinger

2020 Art Calendar Selected Artists

Cover: Spike Ress

January: Lily Shanabarger 

February: Mark Marino

March: Katie Hill 

April: Charles Morris

May: J. Brad Holt 

June: Susan Thiele

July: Mike Bachman

August: Monica Esposito

September: John Lintott

October: Joshua Been 

November: Nancee Jean Busse 

December: Mark Marino 

Grids: Roberta Hettinger (photo),  Charles Morris, Bob Martin, Mark Akins, Spike Ress, J. Brad Holt, Lily Shanabarger, Mark Marino, Susan Thiele, Joshua Been, John Lintott

2019 Calendars are in!!!

2019 Photo Calendar Results:

Cover: Annette Collier

Months: Donna Fullerton, Randy Langstraat, Dale Rostad, Judy Morehouse, Richard Ahern, Charlie Eagler, Angela Classen, Mike Rourke, Steven Miller, Sharon Bradshaw, James Alsop

Grids: Bob Peterson, Donna Fullerton, Robert Pratt, Annette Collier, Steven Miller, Paul Meyer, John Truzinski, Jamie Zartman, Bill Gillam, Carl Koizumi, Janet Weidemann, Cody Braun, Richard Janson, Judy Morehouse, Terrell Malleck, Richard Ahern, Randy Langstraat, Angela Classen, Debbie Fisher, Gregory Gnesios, Jim Cook

2019 Art Calendar Results:

Cover: Ralph Oberg

Months: Dan Loge, Susan Thiele, Lily Shanabarger, Brooks Powell, Charles Morris, Chula Beauregard, John Phillips, Maggie Cook, Spike Ress, Diane Fechenbach

Grids: Amy Gibbs, Brooks Powell, Carol Marander, Charles Morris, Dan Loge, Diane Fechenbach, John Phillips, John Lintott, Lily Shanabarger, Maggie Cook, Mary Sue Copeland, Susan Thiele

Driving along Rim Rock Drive, you are drawn to views that take you back in time and create a current view of the world around us. Grand Valley photographers and artists have captured these views and you can keep them in your memories with the Colorado National Monument Calendar. All proceeds go to assist and support the monument.

2018 Art Calendar featuring “Desert Sentinel” watercolor, by Diane Fechenbach

2017 Colorado National Monument calendar featuring "Frozen Heart Pothole," by Jamie Zartman

2017 Colorado National Monument calendar featuring “Frozen Heart Pothole,” by Jamie Zartman

"Fall in Ute Canyon" by Randy Langstraat. CNMA 2016 Calendar

“Fall in Ute Canyon” by Randy Langstraat. CNMA 2016 Calendar