Product Submission Guidelines for Artists and Vendors

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           Product Submission Guidelines

Purchases from the CNMA store in Colorado National Monument’s Visitor Center support the educational, interpretive, and scientific research programs at Colorado National Monument. Products in our store must fall within the CNMA’s Scope of Sales themes. *

         Vendor Requirements

If you would like to become a CNMA vendor, the first step is to know what we are looking for. We receive many sample items for review each year that are rejected right away because they do not pertain to this area or they do not meet our requirements. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with Colorado National Monument and its natural resources, and take a look at our store, either in-person or on-line, to see the kind of products that we sell.

Product Requirements

We are looking for well-made, high-quality products. Sales items must relate to Colorado National Monument, or the National Park Service, or to the surrounding areas in Colorado or the Colorado Plateau. We also sell Junior Ranger products, and a limited number of safety and convenience items.

Although it is not required, we are always looking for products that are made in the USA, including products made in the local area.

Sales items must not promote behavior that is unauthorized, unsafe, or could cause detrimental effect to public lands.

All items must carry an interpretive message about the area.

The product must be of interest to visitors of Colorado National Monument, fit into the overall balance of sales items, and provide good value for money. Products must be priced so that they entice our visitors, and do not languish on the shelves.

Submitting a Product

All products sold in our store go through a review process, and must be approved by the superintendent and interpretive staff of Colorado National Monument. Products are reviewed at intervals throughout the year. Submissions may have to wait in line for review.

If you have any questions about your product or the submission process, please contact Cherry at or 970-858-3617 ext. 307.

If your product meets the requirements above and the scope of sales themes below, you may send your product along with ordering information including wholesale costs and quantity

Linda Saturno
Colorado National Monument Association
1750 Rim Rock Drive
Fruita, CO 81521

Whether or not they are accepted as a sales item, all samples become the property of CNMA, and will not be returned.

Scope of Sales Themes *


 Theme A: Colorado National Monument’s dramatic landforms and spectacular vistas are but the latest manifestation of our earth’s continuous recycling process of mountain building, erosion, and deposition within a greater geologic story of continent building and the evolution of unique and regional landforms.
Theme B: The evidence of human use within the imposing and dramatic landscapes of Colorado National Monument is a powerful reminder of how geologic features and forces have challenged, and continue to challenge, the human drive to occupy, survive, and thrive in seemingly inhospitable landscapes.
Theme C: The spectacular landforms and sublime natural beauty of Colorado National Monument provide opportunities for solitude, exploration, inspiration, and renewal that can fulfill the human need for self-discovery through connection to the land.
Theme D: Established during the Progressive Era in American history, Colorado National Monument is emblematic of our nation’s first conservation movement, during which concerned citizens like John Otto worked with vision and perseverance to have recognized for future generations those special lands and values that make up our American heritage.
Theme E: The protected lands of Colorado National Monument, adjacent to a large and growing urban population, preserve habitat for biotic communities of the Colorado Plateau and serve as an outdoor laboratory for scientific research and environmental education.

Universal Message A: National Park System and National Park Service Mission. Universal Message B: Orientation and visitor safety information.

The title/product does not meet any of the above COLM-specific themes or NPS universal messages. However, it is one of the following related & approved topics, subjects or items:Regional History. Authentic Northern Ute art or crafts. Authentic reproductions of natural or cultural resources. Junior Ranger themed. Convenience.