Visitor Survey Results 2016

How do visitors to Colorado National Monument feel about their visit?

Every year the National Park Service (NPS) conducts a visitor survey. The survey was born out of the need to comply with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993. This act held government agencies accountable for achievable results. The survey allows results to be compared from site to site and from year to year. Each NPS unit receives 400 survey cards and instructions for giving them out.

At the Colorado National Monument 324 visitors returned completed survey cards based on a July 2016 visit. The survey asked visitors to rate the quality of facilities and services through 12 questions. 99% of the respondents felt the overall quality of the facilities and services was either “Good” or “Very Good”. All of the staff at the monument are proud of the clean, up-to-date facilities and awesome service they provide. This survey with a 98% rating for facilities and an outstanding 100% rating for visitor services verifies their work.

The survey also provided two open-ended questions. One was a simple “Is there anything else you would like us to know?” The other asked, “What is the significance of this park?” When answering this question, many respondents spoke of the geology, the history, the beauty and the importance of the monument to their children. While it was obvious visitors were inspired by the monument, the staff was motivated by comments such as, “In any area of our nation that looks and feels so beautiful and important, we must recognize that it represents the best of us.”

Arlene Jackson
Chief of Interpretation, Education and Community Engagement
Colorado National Monument