Visitor Center Bookstore Art Gallery

The Bookstore Gallery located in Colorado National Monument Visitor Center is a feature run by the Colorado National Monument Association. We rotate new artists every 2 months, exhibiting their 2 dimensional work with an emphasis on scenes of Colorado National Monument. If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the Bookstore Gallery, it must be done either in person at the visitor center, or via phone order. To order over the phone, please contact Linda @ 970-858-3617 xt. 308. Note: Artwork prices are non-negotiable and are exempt from any discounts.

Mike Bachman - Artist Bio
Grand Junction, CO resident 14 years
Born Kansas, 1956
I consider my work a mostly refined style of colors and shapes formed by my impression of
the desert. I am always inspired by the beauty of the desert. I use pastels and pencils plein
air or recreate those sights into larger acrylic paintings in the studio. My move to western
slope of Colorado awoke the artist inside me. I can sit in wonder for hours watching the
sunlight change the colors and shapes of the desert around me. I have begun to dabble in
the abstract but get the biggest thrill from something more impressionist usually in
brighter bolder colors outlined in black (but not always).

Below is a sample of selected works at the gallery currently.