Monuments and Canyons Painting Event

"In a Blue Mood" by Laura Gable

2022 Monuments and Canyons Plein Air Event

October 2nd - October 9th, 2022

Event Summary and Awards!

This year's plein air event was one of our biggest we have ever organized. 27 artists from around the country visited the Grand Valley, and painted in Colorado National Monument and the surrounding BLM National Conservation Areas.

Colorado Canyons Association again organized a two day overnight fully supported raft trip for the artists which allowed those participants to showcase the Ruby Horsethief Canyon section of the Colorado River.

Opening night was one of the largest we've had in terms of the amount of artwork, and patrons coming to see the exhibition.

This year the exhibit was up for the entire month of October and ended on November 5th, giving the public much more time to see the show aside from opening night.

Proceeds from the sale of artworks go to help fund education programs, scientific research, and special projects for the National Park Service at Colorado National Monument.

Thank you!


1st Place Award: John Phillips for his piece "Windswept".

2nd Place Award: Cliff Austin for his piece "Kings View Road".

3rd Place Award: David Knox for his piece "CNM 5".

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